Monday, 28 April 2014

The Big Band Dance

So this last Saturday was the Big Band Dance! For those who don't know what the Big Band Dance is, it's an opportunity for people to come out and dance to the music of the jazz bands from the school. It's an awesome night! And I was lucky enough to perform for my 4 years at Sturg. Last Saturday was no exception. I had a blast singing 1st Soul Man by The Blues Brothers with my friend Sammy, and second Smooth by Carlos Santana feat. Rob Thomas. It was an amazing experience as always, but a bit bittersweet seeing as it was my last performance with the school. I'll always remember my times performing at the Big Band Dance and will hold them very dear in my heart for years to come.


  1. You were awesome singing at the Big Band Dance! It was such a great night! Were you nervous at all up stage singing in front of everyone?

    1. Hey Alysha, you know, after performing all these years, and having done these songs in the past, I felt more or less comfortable doing them in front of them. But truth be known, I always get nervous before a performance, and I've always considered that to be a good thing, and for this very reason. If you get nervous about something, or you get stage fright, then the something you're going to do means a lot to you and it's something you love doing. If you weren't nervous, it'd mean you wouldn't care if you made a mistake. I mean if you make a mistake it's not the end of the world, but it sucks.
      So yes, I was a little nervous, but don't tell anyone ;).

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