Monday, 21 April 2014

Oh What A Day!

You ever have those whirl wind kind of days? You know? The kind that you just want to get home and relax? Well that was today. I got up and I felt like, "Why the hell do I have to go to school today?" Looking at me was a Physics test I really wasn't ready for among other things. I just sort of wanted to call in sick. I was a little pessimistic, to say the least, when I got to school this morning, but I pushed on. I got through math class, and found out I have for the next 3 days a quiz, another quiz, and then a test. Oh and guess what!?!? Test again Monday. Lucky me right? Well anyway, after that, I went to do some last minute studying for physics, but I didn't get far, as my football/wrestling/rugby coach wanted me to help him put posters up around the school detailing practice times for the next month or so. So by the time it was time for me to write my test at lunch, I wasn't looking for it at all. As soon as I handed it in, I had the worst feeling about my performance on it. But I had to sit for about 50 minutes doing classwork until it was marked. When I got it back and saw that I'd beaten a couple of people with my mark I certainly chippered up a bit. Granted I only got 18/31. But that's a silver lining for sure! But then I had my IGNITE presentation to do still in Creative Writing. Jeez I was nervous, even though that's what my presentation addresses, yenno, stage fright. But guess what?!?! I didn't have to do it. I get until tomorrow. SO I guess today wasn't that bad, but over all I'm just glad it's almost done! But then I guess it could've been worse!


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