Friday, 13 June 2014

SWM #6

Hate is such a petty thing. It's used by those who are defeated. To hate someone or something is to admit that it/they have beaten you. It doesn't matter if you lost the game, if you played your hardest, they didn't defeat you. It's those who don't and those are bitter who sink to HATE. Hate is ridiculously childish, and if you choose to hate anyone/anything, you are done. You cannot redeem yourself from that position. And it shows how weak you truly are. I choose not hate. I may dislike things or people, but I will never use the word hate, because I will never let anyone beat me. Not even myself.

SWM #5

A bit of a redundant statement, but it's true. Life will throw you through a loop and it will beat you down and bring you up. If you're ready for it, life is an exciting adventure, if you aren't, it's a terrifying challenge. Growing up is what prepares you for the rest of your life. You start as a young child and hopefully by the time you are ready to join society as a fully functioning member of society, you are ready. I know that my growing up has made me ready, and life can come hit me full force. Bring it on.

SWM #4

Anyone who knows me, will tell you that I am a very over the top individual and very loud, but also very in depth. I have always prided myself on being my own person, and not caring what others say about me or think about me. I mean, yes, obviously, things people think, do, and say, in my general direction, make me think about what was thought, done, or said, but I don't let it bother me. If you don't like me, that's not my problem, it's your's. I am Me. Here I Am.

SWM #3

This may seem like a weird statement, but it's the truth. And it's not just on a physical, "Everyone's-going-to-be-wearing-suits-cuz-I'm-going-into-business" but also as a metaphorical, "Everyone-is-different-and-fit-into-different-suits" sort of way. Like I said I plan on pursuing a career in the business field (my back up being law), so I will be wearing suits. Everyone around me will be wearing suits, and therefore my future is full of suits. On a more literary level, like I said everyone is different, but everyone tends to fit into their own separate suits. Be it a class, or way of life, everyone is in different suits.

SWM #2

To me family is everything. My real family (Parents, Brothers, etc.) are important to me. But my other family(s) are my life. Athletics have been important to me for my entire my life. My teams in the past have been close to me, but this year my football team became brothers to me in a way that I cannot even fathom. The entire team of course was close, but the seniors on the team all became brothers. Even though we didn't go all the way this year, it really brought us together and brought us to tears in the end when it was over. I know that the boys will always be there for each other.

SWM #1

For my confession, even though it seems like a comical picture, it's a legitimate confession. I have always been extremely picky, something that has been the subject of ridicule and mockery, from friends, family, and even strangers at restaurants. I've been trying hard to not be so picky, but it's a slow and steady process. From a young age, my mom didn't enforce the need to eat healthy, or even eat what she had prepared, or what dad prepared. This led to me being extremely picky. I am trying to change, but it's hard. It's something that bothers me, and that is my confession.

OH! The Humanity

OH! The Humanity!
            Wake up. Get out of bed. What time is it? 8:30, ok, time to get ready for the day. Clothes on, no wait. I have to shower, always shower, humans need to be clean, they always make a huge deal about it.
            Oh jeez, I should probably mention, I’m not a human. I’m what the humans would call an alien I guess. I’m from the planet Klapork, and I am a Thrastfoff. My name is Gorr, however my human name is John Smith. I came here on a science trip of sorts, well more like a research trip. I’m not here to invade, no that’d be very hard with just me. But I am here to see what the humans are like. How they act. And I, disguised as one of their own, am here to assimilate into the population so as to set a landing spot for my brothers on my home planet to head the actual invasion. I know, it sounds a little harsh, coming here fitting in, and then back stabbing everyone I ever met to help my race take over, but that’s how it goes in this type of deal.
            Anyway, today’s a big day! I have a job interview at a law firm. I spent all night studying to be a lawyer on Earth, and I feel as though I have a good grasp on the concept. I’m going to head out soon, but first, breakfast. In the fridge, all of my roommate’s food, however in my room, my food. I have Ylkf, a traditional dish made with a bird like creature from my home planet, Tiuy, a kind of spread that we distill from the guts of Gtad (a dog like creature). And finally, WonderBread, because this Earth bread is absolutely delicious. But I’m almost out, I must remember to shop after my interview. After my sandwich, I get dressed, and look in the mirror to see how I look. How vain these humans are. All they care about is how good someone looks, not the merit of their personality. But if I am to fit in with them, I must act and look like the best of them.
            My roommate Jerry is sitting on the couch as I walk through the living room. “Catch the game last night?” I ask him, just as I had seen a man do on a television show the other night.
            “What game?” he replied. Damn I’m going to have to think of who could have played.
            “Uh… The Jets?” I almost asked myself.
            “Oh, no. I didn’t know they were playing.” He said to himself, “Where are you going, dressed all spiffy?”
            “I have a job interview,” I started in, “at Thomas Dorfman Law Firm today.”
            “Oh nice! Hey listen,” he was about to drop a bombshell, I know it, “I was in your room the other day trying to find what was causing the apartment to smell funk, and I noticed some strange looking stuff. Any insight to what it may have been?”
            My mind was blank. What would it look like? What human food would it look like? “You found it?” I mused.
            “Yeah obviously, what is it?” he’s getting too close.
            “I don’t know, but I’ve been trying to find what that smell was for days. Thanks for the help!” I said quickly.
            I don’t know if he bought it necessarily, but I think I saved myself. Anyway, I can’t dwell on it, I have to go to the interview.
            Off I went to the bus stop. I’m not used to the streets being so empty. On my planet there are people walking around everywhere. It’s part of the reason we’re coming to Earth. More space. It still feels so empty, even though these people think it’s so crowded.
            I feel weird about how Jerry reacted this morning. I know I said I couldn’t dwell on it, but I mean what if he had found out? I’m not scared because he’d know I was an alien, but I have grown to like Jerry, and I feel as though him finding out I was different would make him hate me. Not to mention the fact that I would probably be executed, but I guess that sense of belonging comes with humanity. But enough about feelings, I need to focus.
            The bus. I have to take the bus. I don’t know what to expect. I’ve never been on one of these things before, and the people here are so weird. As I get on I notice a man looking at me, sizing me up. I’m not sure if he does this to everyone he sees or if he just thinks I’m going to cause him trouble. Either way, I’ll sit far away from him. It’s not bad on this thing, not bad at all. The driver jolted the bus forward as an old man was walking down the aisle.
            “Excuse me,” I said to the driver, “That man hadn’t sat down yet.”
            “So?” he asked distainfully, “Listen bud, I have to make it to the next stop on time with the schedule, so if one person gets a little jostled by the bus, it ain’t my fault.”
            What an idiot, he could have seriously injured that man. But as I turned to sit, I noticed everyone was staring at me, even the old man. And they weren’t warm, “You did the right thing” stares, they were, “What the hell’s your problem” stares. Was what I did weird? Was it wrong? I may have just gave everything away.
            As soon as I got to my stop, I got up and out of the bus and started walking to the office. It wasn’t for a couple steps until I realized I was being followed. The guy. The one who was sizing me up on the bus. What did he want? Should I turn around to talk to him or-
            “Hey pal, wait up.” He yelled to me.
            “Sorry man, I have to keep going,” I said trying to hide the fear in my voice, “important meeting to get to.”
            “I gotta ask you something though,” he said running after me.
            He’s going to attack me, I know he is. I stopped and braced myself for the fight to come.
            “Hey, aren’t you that guy I met at the store the other day?” he asked as I recoiled from my position, “You left your wallet on the counter.”
            My God, I can’t believe I thought the worst of this man. Greg or John or Bob or something, whatever the name, he had done a kind act. I am guilty of judgement now.
            That’s when I realized it, we are all human. Whether we are alien or from a different country, we are all human, it doesn’t matter if we fit in, or if we stand out, as long as we are who we are, we are all human, and capable of compassion. That’s it. I can’t believe it took me this long to realize it. And even though I have to bring back my information to my superiors, and we’re going to invade Earth, I think we’ll have more appreciation and understanding of humans as a species.

            This is Gorr, I am John Smith, I am alien, and I am Human. But most of all, I am me.

Now I forgot about the social media aspect of this project, but I can assure you John Smith will be tweeting heavily all night and all weekend to fill the requirement.
You can follow John at @JSmithHuman on twitter.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Buried Life Project

Here's the full list
  1.       Juggle 5 objects
  2.       Travel to Ireland
  3.       Travel to Brasil
  4.       Go bungee jumping
  5.       Change someone’s life for the better
  6.       Graduate Highschool
  7.       Get a university degree
  8.       Play Men’s club rugby next year
  9.       Camp for 2-3 months with nothing but a tent and bare essentials.
  10.   See a Broadway show
  11.   Learn how to longboard well
  12.   Streak a sporting event
  13.   Get thrown out of a store
  14.   Buy a car
  15.   Meet The Rock
  16.   Meet Joe Rogan
  17.   Meet Quentin “Rampage” Jackson
  18.   Learn a new language (Not Just French)
  19.   Meet Quentin Tarantino
  20.   Go to SNL and be in the audience
  21.   Be on SNL
  22.   Learn how to tramp wall
  23.   Learn how to do a backflip without a trampoline
  24.   Eat healthier
  25.   Deadlift 500 pounds
  26.   See AC/DC again
  27.   Go to Tomorrowland
  28.   Visit Norway
  29.   Go see a Grey Cup
  30.   Go see a Super Bowl
  31.   Go to FIFA
  32.   Go to a UFC fight in Vegas
  33.   Go to Vegas
  34.   Go to a Wrestlemania event
  35.   Go to Cuba
  36.   Wear a suit to work everyday
  37.   Make 6 figures
  38.   Go to Mardi Gras
  39.   See the Book of Mormon live.
  40.   Go wingsuiting
  41.   Crowd surf at a concert
  42.   Mosh at a concert
  43.   Be a part of a flash mob
  44.   Be a better student
  45.   Get married
  46.   Meet Barack Obama
  47.   Swim with sharks
  48.   Be in a movie
  49.   Go to Carivale

  50.   Become YouTube famous
  Now what? I have a couple of now whats. One is to get back to deadlifting 500 pounds. I used to be able to, but as I broke my arm wrestling, I lost the ability to do so. I miss the amazing feeling of being able to lift half a ton, and I really want it back. I've been working back to it slowly, and hopefully by the end of next year I will be there, but it's a slow and steady and process.
  Second thing is long boarding. I spent a couple of days trying to learn how, and am slowly getting better, I want to spend the summer getting better and trying to learn!
  Third and final thing is going to Cuba. My oldest brother, Rob, and I have been planning since last year to go to Veraderos, Cuba this December, and now that I'm back to work, I can start saving money to do just this! 


Sunday, 8 June 2014

I'm still alive.

Hello to the internet, yes I'm still alive.
It's been a while my friend, rest assured I have survived.
Busy have I been of late,
For graduation falls on my plate.
I've been away from you for many weeks
And now it's time for me at last to speak.
A few assignments I have yet to submit,
Before weeks end I will accomplish it.
To do these tasks I've been burdened with,
Grant me speed, so I may be swift.
A poem, I didn't intend to write,
But in my faults, there is always light.
Forgive me, for my procrastination-
And see it not as depreciation
Of works you've given to me,
But as time for them to grow as a tree-
Grows from the ground,
On my blog the projects shall be found.
By: Ben McMahon

To any and all who are reading this, I have been very busy, and have not had the time to post my assignments for my creative writing class. I feel very ashamed that I've let this class slip from my grasp in the last few weeks, but as my story tells I have a heavy load the next few weeks. However, this is no excuse to not have stuff in, Ms. McLauchlan if you're reading this I'm sorry, and I will have all of my assignments in by the end of the week. Promise.