Sunday, 8 June 2014

I'm still alive.

Hello to the internet, yes I'm still alive.
It's been a while my friend, rest assured I have survived.
Busy have I been of late,
For graduation falls on my plate.
I've been away from you for many weeks
And now it's time for me at last to speak.
A few assignments I have yet to submit,
Before weeks end I will accomplish it.
To do these tasks I've been burdened with,
Grant me speed, so I may be swift.
A poem, I didn't intend to write,
But in my faults, there is always light.
Forgive me, for my procrastination-
And see it not as depreciation
Of works you've given to me,
But as time for them to grow as a tree-
Grows from the ground,
On my blog the projects shall be found.
By: Ben McMahon

To any and all who are reading this, I have been very busy, and have not had the time to post my assignments for my creative writing class. I feel very ashamed that I've let this class slip from my grasp in the last few weeks, but as my story tells I have a heavy load the next few weeks. However, this is no excuse to not have stuff in, Ms. McLauchlan if you're reading this I'm sorry, and I will have all of my assignments in by the end of the week. Promise.


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