Tuesday, 13 May 2014

New Places. New Stories.

It's crazy how life works isn't it? My life has been a weird kind of hell for the last year or so. I mean, I was captain of a team that should have gone all the way to finals, I had to drop out of a musical I had the lead in, I broke my arm and had to stop working and wrestling due to the fact. It hasn't been great, but then out of the blue, it can all change. I mean I'll never get back to the amazing season I had with my brothers on the football team, but it was awesome while it lasted! I won't get back this last season of wrestling, but heck I can wrestle again, and my job, thank god for the Union. No the whole "I'm down on my luck" mentality is all self imposed. I stopped to look around at my life the other day and I said, "Why am I down?" I got a chance to be a lead in a musical with a different production, on an audition I was soooooo unprepared for, and I get to work again. I can play sports in the future, as long as I keep up with physio. So yeah, I shouldn't be down on myself.

The "New Places. New Stories." part starts now, just as an fwi. The musical I got the lead in is Shrek the Musical, which was the show I was originally supposed to be a part of. So when I got the call telling me I was a lead, I was ecstatic! I had heard that at the place I was auditioning for, your first time you had to be in the chorus, so I was super optimistic about my chances. When I talked to the director after, he told me that I was the best fit for the role, so that was a huge pat on the back. But I didn't really let it hit me until last Tuesday. Last Tuesday was my first rehearsal and I realized that there was going to be about 40 people that I'd never met before, who for the most part already new each other. Some of which I had "stolen" the lead from. I had to make friends with all these people, and I still have to act like this is my show. I didn't know what to expect, but I think it's going to all work out well. Which is awesome! I just think it's weird how all of a sudden you can be a new situation that's completely alien to you, but then. That's life.

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