Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Quick Write 3- New Beginnings

As I look at this image I think to myself what can you change? What can any of us change in our everyday lives. And the answers are endless. There isn't a thing about you you can't change. An example of personal and outward change I can think of from the past year would be in football. My team suffered heavy losses the last year. 0-7 to be exact. So knowing I had a captain's spot on the team I took it upon myself to better myself mentally and physically in the off season. I knew I couldn't force the team to change, it wasn't about that. It was about making myself a machine that had one goal for the season. Win. Now by win go don't mean defeat others. I mean triumph personally, so that at the end of the day I could look in the mirror and say I was proud. I spent the summer working out by running and lifting weights, I tried to eat as clean as I could, and everyday saw change flying throughout the door. As the season started, I made it a job to bond with my quarterback Jonny so that the center-qb relationship was the strongest on the team. We hung out together, worked out together and generally just talked, so that when it came to game time we could be a fully functioning wrecking ball on the field. My new beginning came with our first loss of this season. I played a couple of games up to that point with a similar mentality to the one I had previously had. So when we were beat by Steinbach my shock was a familiar one. And I asked myself, why did I not feel proud? Why didn't I feel as though I had done my job 100%? Then I realized that I kept thinking about what I could do to make me proud, instead of thinking about how I could help my team find a sense of pride in itself. I changed, I made it so that everyone on the team in one way or another belonged to a brotherhood, they were a family, and with that mentality we took that season by storm, making it to Semi finals. The seniors took the field that game with the mentality of brotherhood that day, but there were those who felt as though they had won the day just by being there. It was a relapse. And the point I'm trying to make is if you're going to change. Don't try, just do. But don't let yourself change back.



  1. Although that was a decent read, I'd like to wonder how you got from shawshank redemption to the struggles of our football team in 2 sentences. If you were to write about your motivation and struggles in football you probably could have picked a more relatable picture


  2. I didn't think the picture was relatable but instead I thought that it was inspiring and thus inspired you to write about what you strive for. Maybe change isn't the word you could use for your team, maybe it's progression. Maybe it's not necessary to change but to instead find the right progression and enlighten everyone unto understanding the true meaning of success. Good luck!