Sunday, 16 March 2014

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This post was on Tom's Blog and it was about the Academy Awards and not having gotten to see all the nominated films:

"I'm aware the Awards are done and there was quite a controversy (at least for me) with Gravity winning all those awards, but like yourself I also slacked off on seeing a lot of the nominated films, but now, after the awards I've been taking some time to see them one by one."

The following is one I posted on a small blurb on Xavier's blog, it is in fact about a double cheeseburger:

"I'd like to put in my two cents if that's all good here. What you have in a single word is Beauty, elegance, and amazing. I am envious of this post and how much it makes your blog more deliciously entertaining, hats off to you Mr. Chacon hats off indeed."

The final post I have for this comment section is from Alysha's blog, and it deals with the subject of growing up, something that I'm sure speaks to everyone:

"It's funny how by the end of grade school everyone has thought and thought about this exact thing. Growing up. I don't think any of us realize that we actually are until we stop and say, "Hey I'm almost 18," or, "Jeez I'm going to university next year." But like you said it doesn't need to be a scary thing, yet people find a way to make it terrifying, I know personally I just think of it as the next big thing and hey, by the time I post this comment I'll be older than I was when I started writing it, more mature, wiser, who knows? But that's what's great about growing up, you get to experience so many new things!"

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